Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Themes for 2023

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Are you planning to get married in 2023 but you’re not sure what sort of wedding theme you want to go with? You’re not alone. Planning a wedding is a difficult process and because couples want everything to be just right for such a special day, making decisions is a challenge.

To help point you in the right creative direction, though, let’s take a look at ten wedding themes that are going to be popular options in 2023.

1- Popular Media-Based Themes

TV and movies are a big part of many people’s lives, and film fans often like to bring the styles they see in popular media into their wedding planning venture. This theme varies quite a bit depending on the sources the couple uses for inspiration, but a few popular options include the following:

  • Gilded Great Gadsby Theme
  • Vibrant Harry Potter Theme
  • Space-Aged Star Wars Theme
  • Imaginative Alice in Wonderland Theme

Some wedding parties use movies and TV for subtle inspiration when planning the theme of a wedding while others fully embody the movie or show they love. There’s no right way or wrong way to go about it, and this theme can be a lot of fun for the wedding party and the guests.

2- Traditional Weddings

The traditional American wedding theme has been a staple of wedding trends for decades, so of course, this theme is going to remain a popular choice in 2023. An elegant setting, soft colors, and subtle decor are common elements of this theme, and they usually accompany a traditional wedding ceremony. Lace fabrics and floral arrangements are key components of a traditional wedding design as well.

3- Bohemian Theme

Unlike the traditional wedding theme, a bohemian-style wedding is more relaxed and natural when it comes to decorations and clothing choices. For example, flower crowns commonly adorn flowing hair, old-timey rugs decorate the floors, and pieces used to design table settings are usually made from natural materials. The key point of this theme is to create an event that’s both celebratory and inviting.

4- Modern, Casual Weddings

For brides and/or grooms who prefer to organize a low-stress family celebration, a modern wedding theme is an excellent option. This theme embraces the casual approach and doesn’t fuss over perfectly-matching colors and shapes. Modern, casual weddings often focus on minimalism which might include mismatched clothing for the bridal party, very simple decor, and furniture that reminds guests of home. The goal of this theme is to celebrate the commitment that the couple is making instead of stressing over the way everything looks.

5- Garden/Whimsical Theme

Garden weddings make use of beautiful outdoor settings and floral decorations. Some couples choose a standard, natural theme while others add an element of whimsy to their wedding style, but both will be popular in 2023. Implementing flowers and greenery into the setting, table elements, cake, and clothing are key components of a garden wedding theme. This type of wedding allows the party to enjoy time outside, breathing in the fresh air and dancing barefoot in the grass.

6- Destination Weddings

After the pandemic, the hankering to travel to exotic locations is starting to influence wedding plans. Many couples plan to have destination weddings in 2023, so location-based themes are going to be quite popular. Some destination themes include:

  • Beach Wedding
  • Nautical Wedding
  • Tuscan Italian Wedding
  • Regal French Wedding

Regardless of where a couple chooses to go for their wedding, embracing themes and elements of the location can make a unique, beautiful event.

7- Vintage Theme

Classic styles that were brought to light in decades or even centuries past are the core of vintage wedding themes. Vintage weddings can utilize styles from several eras, depending on what the couple chooses. Some might want a 20’s theme while others prefer a 50’s theme. Even still, the late 1800s Victorian style is another popular aesthetic for vintage weddings.

Regardless of the decade the couple is inspired by, common decor items include antique tables, a ballroom setting, decade-specific props and accents, and lace fabrics.

Popular vintage themes include:

  • The Roaring 20’s
  • The Nifty 50’s
  • Ancient Greece
  • The Victorian Era
  • Medieval Times

8- Rustic/Cottage Theme

Rustic wedding themes aim to embrace the DIY aspects of design, as many of the decorative items that go into the overall setup of the wedding can be done by hand without any previous crafting experience. For example, mason jar table settings, old lanterns, hand-picked flower bouquets, and various woody elements are excellent choices in rustic decor. Further, the rustic theme tends to combine cozy and casual accents so that guests have as good a time as the couple. This theme embraces fun, nature, and sustainability.

9- Barn/Farm Weddings

Much like the rustic theme mentioned a moment ago, the barn or farm wedding theme embraces simple, country elements of the designing process. These weddings make smart use of a big space, as barns are usually quite affordable and they can fit a large number of people inside comfortably. Whether these events take place inside a barn or outside on farm grounds, they’re typically casual, spacious, and they provide enough room for catering, dancing, and relaxing after the ceremony.

10- Desert Theme

When people think about deserts, a beautiful wedding theme rarely comes to mind, but some couples are using the unique features of desert landscapes to add a particular flare to their ceremonies. Outdoor weddings in warm, sandy locations are one way to enjoy the desert. Another involves replacing floral decorations with hearty succulents and cacti. Furthermore, an outdoor desert wedding creates plenty of space for open bars and catering services.

Wedding theme choices are as unique and various as the couples planning these events, so any theme you choose should fit your vision above all else. Choose what you feel is going to let you look back on your wedding day with fond memories.

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