Spring Activities With Your Dog – How to Have Fun Outdoors

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Outdoor Spring Activities for You and Your Dog: Brunch, Puppy Parties, and More

These days it is a cliche, but it also happens to be a true cliche: Your dog isn’t just a pet, it is a member of your family. The loving bond that you likely have with your dog is something that you can foster by taking them out with you to a variety of dog-friendly activities. You just need to know what those activities are and which ones you believe you and your dog will enjoy the most. Here, we will take a look at some of the best outdoor spring activities for you and your dog as well as answers to some of your commonly asked questions.

What Are the Best Outdoor Spring Activities to Do With Your Dog?

There are a lot of fun outdoor spring activities that you can do with your dog. Having a plan and setting up these activities ahead of time will make it possible for you to enjoy and appreciate the time you spend with your dog even more than you ever did before. Consider some of the following: 

Making Frozen Dog Treats

There are special dog ice cream treats that are specifically created to be safe and tasty for your dog. You can purchase some of those directly from the store, or you can choose to make some of your own. You can add fruit and water into ice cube trays and freeze them to create a safe and fun treat for your dog.

Brunch With Your Dog

All dogs love food, and they will certainly appreciate it if you bring them along for a brunch event. That is what the Barkin’ Brunch event at The Refuge is all about. We love seeing dogs at our locations, and we encourage you to bring your pet along to have a fun and dog-friendly brunch with us on May 19th between 11 am and 3 pm. We will have tasty treats for the humans who visit with their dogs!

Have a Puppy Party

Invite your friends to bring their furry friends over to have a puppy party with your dogs. Dogs are social creatures just like humans, and it is great when they can interact with one another in a safe and fun environment. This allows them to socialize and engage with each other. It is good for their health and a lot of fun for their humans as well. 

These are just some fun outdoor spring activities that you might want to do with your dog. So bring your pet along with you and make your daily experience a lot more fun!

What Are Some Healthy Dog Treats?

Feeding your dog some treats is a great way to reward them for being the loyal friends that they are. However, you want to make sure you feed them healthy and safe dog treats when you do so. A few great examples of healthy dog treats that your furry friend can enjoy including: 

  1. Instinct Raw Boost Freeze-Dried Food Topper
  2. Zesty Paws Salmon Bites
  3. Vital Essentials Freeze-Dried Rabbit Bites Dog Treats

These are all excellent selections that you can feel confident about feeding your dog.

Can I Bring My Dog to a Restaurant?

You should always check the specific policies of the restaurants that you want to bring your dog to. Many restaurants readily agree to let patrons bring their dogs because they know how special they are to their owners. Also, having dogs in the establishment makes the place more friendly and attractive. Here at The Refuge, we are always delighted to welcome dogs to our location. 

For more information about fun activities to do with your dogs and details about our brunch event, contact us today!