15 Unique and Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Everyone

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Valentine’s day is a big deal, especially for couples. Whether you’ve been with your partner for just a few months or several years, Valentine’s day has become the ultimate holiday for celebrating love in all its forms.

Are you looking to make this year’s Valentine’s Day even more special than the last? Don’t stress– we’ve got you covered with some great, creative Valentine’s Day ideas that will make any holiday party extra special.

1.Get Outside

If you live somewhere warm (or you don’t mind the cold), Valentine’s Day is perfect for romantic walks with your partner, stargazing, or hiking outdoors. Nothing is more romantic than going out somewhere with a scenic view and simply watching the sunset… although picking out constellations is a close second!

2.Have a Movie Marathon

If you’re not in the mood to go out, why not stay in and get cozy with some movies? Valentine’s day is perfect for binging that one show you’ve wanted to watch, especially if you’re the type who loves to share their favorite movies and tv shows with their partner. Plus, you’ve got decades’ worth of rom-coms to get through, good and bad.

3.Visit Family and Friends

Although it’s usually seen as a couples’ holiday, Valentine’s day isn’t just about your romantic partner– use the day to appreciate the other loved ones in your life, and consider spending time with them too. Visit your family or organize a holiday party with your friends to show that you care about them too.

4.Have a Museum Date

Museum dates are underrated. You get to walk through a lovely building filled with art and artifacts, learning about history with your partner– the idea is excellent for a day trip followed by cocktails and dinner at a restaurant after. If you can’t make Valentine’s work for a museum day, check out your local museum’s open admission days or adults-only days.

5.Learn a New Skill

There’s just something so lovely about learning a new skill with your partner. Whether it’s learning a new language, recipe, or a DIY project, learning a new skill scratches the same itch that museum dates do.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to knit, paint, or cook, make a day out of it! You and your partner can support each other through the difficulties of learning something new and come out stronger for it.

6.Snack. All. Day.

This one pairs well with a movie marathon! Get your snack on this Valentine’s day and enjoy lounging like royalty with your partner or friends all day long. Although it’s not always the healthiest option to snack the day away, don’t worry about it! It’s a holiday! Plus, there are tons of healthy appetizers you and your friends can share throughout the day, like calamari, clams, chips with salsa or guacamole, and candied fruits.

7.Enjoy Brunch

Brunch is a holiday favorite, whether you’re drinking or not. Enjoy a cappuccino and some sweet, sweet breakfast foods at a reasonable hour of the day at your favorite restaurant or cafe, and then spend the rest of the day doing whatever you please.

8.A Relaxing Spa Day

If you’ve got the time to spend a long day with your partner, why not do something relaxing? Visiting a spa might be exactly what you both need after a long year. Book a day at a local spa and enjoy massages, facials, and everything the facility has to offer or spend a self-care day with each other at home!

9.Break Stuff!

Whether it’s a pinata or glassware, it’s always nice to smash something. Recently, “smash houses,” businesses where you can go to break stuff, are becoming more and more popular forms of controlled stress relief. Why not give it a shot? Bats and crowbars are usually included.

10.Photo Ops

If you want to spice up a yearly Valentine’s day event, try building a photo booth. Photo booths are great for all kinds of events, including weddings, family celebrations, and holiday parties. You don’t need much to set up a photo booth either– just make sure you’ve got a camera and plenty of props to keep things fun!

11.Arts and Crafts

Theming your Valentine’s day party around an activity may seem difficult, but it’s always nice to do something with your hands– a Valentine-themed arts and crafts party can be nearly anything too. Try making and swapping Valentine’s cards like a Secret Santa party, or maybe get into some painting or candy-making with a bit of wine on the side. Creating something that you can share with your loved ones and take home as a memento is always nice– get creative with a Valentine’s decoration-making party and have a keepsake you can enjoy each year.

12.Themed Costumes

Costumes are a great way to spice up a party, and Valentine’s day is the perfect time to break out your cheesy couple’s costumes and go all out. Bring out your inner nerd with a couple cosplay from your favorite show, or stay classic with couple costumes, like salt and pepper, or a pair of lovebirds. You could also stay simple and subtle with color-coordinated outfits, too.

13.A Wine and Chocolate Party

You can’t say Valentine’s without thinking of chocolate! This classic sweet treat is a staple of the holiday, so why not lean into it– bring some chocolates to your craft party or movie night, and pair them with a variety of sweet drinks to bring out their best flavor. You could even create your own wine-tasting with chocolates, cheese, and a selection of everyone’s favorite wines!

14.Valentine’s Day Charcuterie Boards

Another excellent way to snack all day is with charcuterie boards filled with a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, and nuts. To keep it on theme, try to stick with color combinations and shapes reminiscent of the holiday (that means heart-shaped cheeses, everyone!). Try adding seasonal variety to your board using deep red fruits like cherries and dried cranberries and soft, creamy cheeses to really sell the romantic theme.

15.Celebrate With Furry Friends

Hey single friends, this one’s for you: if you don’t have a partner, don’t feel alone– valentine’s day is about love in all forms, including how much you love your pets. Take some time this Valentine’s day to show your human and animal friends how much you care by getting together for a pet playdate (if your pet is willing, of course).

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