Romantic Outdoor Dining Ideas for the Summer

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When there is someone special in your life, the summer is the perfect time to create unforgettably magical moments. From unique adventures to classic dates, no doubt your goal is to sweep your beloved off their feet with that perfect summer whirlwind romance vibe.
The best place to start – or end – the perfect day together is romantic outdoor dining. If you’re looking for a few beautiful ideas to make sure your special someone feels the magic, we’re here to help. At The Refuge, we know all about sparking magic and romance over delicious food that your date will love.

What Is The Best Summer Dining Setup Ideas?

  • Glittering lights
  • Colorful tableware
  • Frozen cocktails


Glittering Lights Overhead

One of the hallmarks of outdoor dining is the sense of starlight. Summer is the perfect time for evening meals outdoors because the nights are warm and inviting. Evening is often when the temperature is just cool enough to enjoy the light summer breezes as the blazing sun dips dramatically below the horizon and sets the sky on fire.
As darkness falls, glittering lights overhead make outdoor dining all the more romantic. Of course, you don’t have to drive out into the country to see the stars. String lights glittering in crisscross patterns above your table can provide a similar romantic effect that your date is sure to love.

Colorful Tableware

Nothing says “summer” like vibrant colors. Summer is the most casual season of the year when we all enjoy the ability to unwind and relax our formal routines. This is also true for how you set the table on a romantic date night. Outdoor dining is especially casual, and your date will delight in bright, colorful tableware instead of the usual white porcelain fare.
Choose vibrant glazed plates, colorful glasses, and festive napkins that are sure to bring a smile to your beloved’s face when they see the energy and personality in your table setting. It’s the perfect reminder to relax and have fun together, no matter what meals you share.

Frozen Cocktails

When it comes to summer dining decor, there’s no denying that frozen cocktails are as delicious as they are beautiful. Vivid colors swirl inside artful glasses glittering with salt or sugar and decorative garnishes. If you’re looking to have a wild night with your special someone where dinner naturally turns into dancing and late-night adventures, there’s nothing like a few frozen cocktails to sweeten the experience.

Live Music

Of course, every romance is brought to life with live music. There is something uniquely amorous about music played by live musicians wherever you and your date are dining in the warm summer breeze. Live music inspires you to get up and dance, becoming part of the summer vibe that has been reverberating through balmy nights lit by flickering lanterns and firelight since the dawn of time.

Set the Mood with Romantic Summer Songs

What is your ultimate ‘It’s summer again’ song? For a delicious date night of summer outdoor dining, we suggest chill summer classics like:

  • “Sun is Shining” by Bob Marley and the Wailers
  • “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys
  • “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves
  • “Dancing in the Street” by Martha and the Vandellas


What to Do After Your Summer Outdoor Dining?

In the summer, your date doesn’t have to end after you share a delicious meal. We all know the best part of summer romance is that the nights can go on forever. Knowing how to continue a date from one event to the next is a hallmark of skilled date planning – and a flame that just won’t quit between you and your special someone.

  • Take a Scenic Walk Together
    Wander out from your delicious meal and explore the evening together or drive somewhere scenic and take a beautiful walk along a beach, boardwalk, or through a lovely park. This gives you a chance to continue your soft-spoken conversation or simply absorb the night together.
  • Adjourn for Coffee and Dessert
    Still craving culinary adventure? Find a second venue with a different vibe and a great dessert menu.
  • Catch a Movie or a Show
    Keep the fun rolling by catching a late movie or show in the area. Or seek entertainment in the night’s activities elsewhere.


Plan Your Romantic Outdoor Dining Date at The Refuge

If your date is in Melville, NY, the perfect romantic summer outdoor dining experience awaits at The Refuge. Explore our gently lit and festively decorated patio dining before or after the sun goes down to create a fantastic date with your special someone this summer.