Kick Off A Toast To Summer With These 10 Rosé-Inspired Event Ideas

by | May 23, 2023 | Events, Outdoor Dining | 0 comments

Summer and rosé just seem to go together! From brunch to dinner parties, there’s just something irresistible about a glass of delicious rosé wine under the summer sun. Rosé is drinkable and fun, and when you use it as the centerpiece of your events, it can help provide lots of fun, memorable moments.

1. Sunrise Rosé Breakfast

The pink hues of rosé are a perfect match for the delicate rosy clouds that ring a summer sunrise. For the ultimate sunrise breakfast, find an outdoor spot that isn’t too windy, and set up a picnic table. Bring fruit, cured meat, breakfast pastries, and other easy-to-carry breakfast items, and start pouring the wine as the sun comes up. It’s a beautiful way to appreciate a sunrise and get an early start on your weekend festivities.

2. Rosé Brunch

As many of us know, summer is patio season, and one of the best things to eat at any restaurant’s patio is brunch! Mimosas aren’t the only drink that’s good for brunch, though– rosé goes great with eggs benedict, avocado toast, chilaquiles, and other delicious brunchy treats. Another fantastic brunch drink? Frosé, which is a frozen blended drink that features rosé at the base. Think “wine slushie” and you aren’t far off!

3. Rosé Among The Roses

Rosé is the perfect centerpiece beverage for a garden party. A beautiful garden is a great place for a holiday party (like a Memorial Day gathering), or a party for any occasion! The rosé will look right at home amongst the flowers, and your guests will appreciate the drink’s sweetness. If you want a little bit of retro class, serve an old-fashioned wine punch with a modern twist by using rosé as the base. Add in some strawberries, blackberries, fruit juice, and something for fizz, and you’ll have the perfect party punch.

4. Rosé and Reggae

Can you even think of a more perfect combination than live reggae music on a poppin’ patio and a glass of rosé in your hand? What if we told you that rosé was on special? Every Thursday, the Refuge has a rosé happy hour from 4-7 PM, featuring live reggae music on our patio. It’s the perfect summer dinner date, or just a great way to kick back and relax after a long day at work.

5. Rosé All Day Pool Party

For a fun summer celebration, serve rosé poolside! Let your guests enjoy the cool water and sweet wine, while you relax with a glass of your own. Pool parties are ideal family celebrations, and you can make this party even easier by hiring somebody to take care of your catering needs. Serve a variety of rosés and a delicious dining spread, including lots of finger foods and food that is easy to eat by the pool.

6. Ring Around The Rosé Engagement Party

Know a bride or groom-to-be who needs an engagement party? Rosé is the perfect drink to celebrate your favorite soon-to-be newlyweds! The beautiful blush-colored wine pairs well with a number of decoration color palettes and menus, and you’ll have lots of fun wine puns for your Instagram captions! And if you need a place to host it, The Refuge has some pretty awesome event spaces. We’ll handle the catering, you just bring the wedding party!

7. Rosé and Rembrandt Painting Party

Everybody loves wine and paint nights! These parties are a great way to express your creativity and have a little fun, and rosé is a great wine to serve. Your guests will have a great time unleashing their creativity while sipping on rosé. You can hire someone to facilitate the instruction, or you can have example paintings to copy or serve as inspiration. You can offer several types of rosé for inspiration, and you’ll need to put out canvases, snacks, and of course, painting supplies.

8. Pink Wine and Popcorn

Host an outdoor movie night with rosé and refreshments! Rent a projector and screen and set up lawn chairs in your backyard, like your own private drive-in. You can also rent a movie theater-style popcorn machine, or buy bulk bags of pre-popped movie theater-style popcorn from your local grocery store or online. Get some plastic wine glasses for outdoor safety, and serve rosé to the adults. (For the kids, fruit punch is a little more appropriate!) Pick a summer blockbuster or classic, nostalgic movie, and invite your friends, family, or the whole neighborhood over for some movie magic under the stars.

9. Rosé Pairing Party

Wine pairings aren’t just for reds and whites! We all know that rosé is great on its own, but when you pair it with cheese or chocolate? That makes it even better! For a fun girl’s night or family night, put on your sommelier hat and find some fun pairs for your favorite pink drink.

For light, delicate rosés, you’ll want fresh cheese, like burrata, mascarpone, or mozzarella. Darker, fruitier rosés are a better match for firm cheeses, like cheddar, baby swiss, or even gouda. Rosé’s strength can usually be identified by its color; paler rosés are a lighter pink, while bolder, darker rosés are, well, darker.

If you want a rosé and chocolate course, the trick is to match sweetnesses. The darker the rosé, the darker the chocolate. Easy-peasy!

10. Holiday Rosé

When you think of summer holiday parties, the big ones are Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and maybe Labor Day. But there’s also Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June, giving you two more opportunities to celebrate! Rosé is a fun drink that can be the star of the show at any summer holiday party. Try pairing it with food fresh from the grill or barbecue– you’ll be amazed at how well it goes with just about anything!

No matter what type of rosé-inspired event you’re planning, The Refuge is the perfect host or caterer! Between our regular rosé and reggae events, our delightful brunch menu, and our venue and takeout catering options, we can handle all of your event needs. Reach out to us at any time to ask about party planning and food options- we’d love to hear from you!