10 Best Outdoor Bar Ideas For Festive Entertaining

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Warmer weather and longer days are the best for hosting a fabulous outdoor cocktail party! Invite your friends and family for refreshing cocktails and outdoor fun using one of our outdoor cocktail party ideas. You can add these fun cocktail party ideas to your outdoor barbeque or pool party plans or invite everyone for drinks and socializing. A great cocktail party can add sophistication and interest to your outdoor plans. In this post, we share ten outdoor cocktail party ideas, some holiday-themed ideas, and party tips to help you host the best outdoor gatherings this year!

10 Outdoor Cocktail Party Ideas

Outdoor gatherings are relaxed and fun, typically in a backyard, patio, or garden setting, creating a relaxed, informal atmosphere perfect for entertaining. Spring and summer cocktail parties dont have to be fancy. Still, you can elevate your party by creating a festive, interesting layout using simple elements surrounding a common theme.

Here are ten outdoor cocktail party ideas you can run with or use for inspiration as you plan your party.

Garden Party

Setting the scene for a garden party means using your beautiful garden as the backdrop. If your yard lacks flowers, you can add fresh flowers in vases – everywhere! Providing plenty of shade is a must. Another way to stay cooler is to host your party closer to the evening. Including cocktails that use flowers, such as a Hibiscus Margarita or Lavender Gin Fizz, can add another dimension to your garden party.

Sunset Sips

A sunset cocktail party takes a little coordination with the sun. Other than that hosting an elegant but comfortable sunset cocktail party centers around glassware, the best ice, comfortable seating, delicious bites, and drink choices. If you have a full bar, consider catering in bar service, or a stylish bar cart can provide your guests with a DIY drink mixing station.

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Offering a wide variety of cheeses ranging in taste profile from mild to bold is an important part of hosting a wine and cheese party. Accompaniments like bread, crackers, fruits, and nuts pair well with cheese and wine. Charcuterie boards are trendy and perfect for serving cheese and other accompanying foods. Wine can be served alone or as part of a wine cocktail.

Luau or Tiki Party

Do you love a Luau or tiki theme? It’s all about the decorations! Tropical flowers, bamboo or grass skirts, and tiki torches can transform your space, making it feel like a tiki hut. When hosting a tropical-themed cocktail party, you want tropical cocktails like Piña Coladas or Mai Tais. You can also elevate the theme by encouraging an easy dress code like Hawaiian shirts.

Swim and Sip

Floating in the pool is the best way to beat the heat as outdoor temperatures rise. When serving cocktails poolside, it is crucial to consider safety first by having pool noodles nearby or hiring a lifeguard. It is nice to provide a sunscreen station for daytime parties and ensure the area is well-lit for nighttime parties. Upscale plastic drinkware is best to avoid broken glass around bare feet.

Champagne Brunch

Champagne brunch is all about the bubbles so having plenty of Champagne, sparkling wine, mixers for spritzers, and other bubbly options are perfect for a champagne-themed brunch. Creating a signature cocktail to fit the food theme adds a classy touch to this classic, elegant party theme. Another idea includes a Bellini bar with fresh fruits, purées, sparkling wines, and champagne. A classic Bellini is made with peach purée and Prosecco; however, allowing guests to create their versions as a fun twist gives your Brunch some fun flair.

Mixology Madness

Hosting a mixology-themed cocktail party requires plenty of supplies! Cocktail glasses, mixers, and spirits, are a few of the necessities needed to create the perfect assortment of ingredients for guests to craft their cocktails. Hiring a bartender to help guests as they make their own drinks. Hiring a bartender to help with your mixology party is a great option to ensure you have everything you and your guests need to mix drinks!

Summer Speakeasy

Hosting a speakeasy cocktail party is all about seclusion! Other tips for your speakeasy theme include dim lighting, jazz music, and vintage touches. A professional bartender can mix and serve prohibition-inspired cocktails to make your party more authentic.

Bohemian Bash

Bohemian style is free-spirited, artistic, and eclectic. When planning a boho cocktail party, the key is using a mix of materials, patterns, and organic, natural elements. Boho style is all about decor and creating a casual atmosphere with comfortable seating using big floor pillows, cushions, or poufs.

Holiday Parties

Summer holidays are excellent days to host outdoor cocktail parties. Hosting a holiday party for Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day provides built-in inspiration for decor and drinks!

Outdoor Cocktail Party Tips

The best tips for planning a relaxed, enjoyable cocktail party are keeping it simple and planning ahead. It is essential to offer fresh, quality ingredients for mixing drinks, including ice! The right ice for cocktails can elevate the experience and taste of each sip.

Here are a few more tips to help you make your outdoor cocktail party an enjoyable experience for everyone:

  • Keep your guests cool and comfortable: hosting a party outside during warmer months requires ensuring you have enough fans or misters to keep your guests cool and happy.
  • Sunscreen and bug repellent: offering your guests bug repellent and sunscreen is a nice touch!
  • Set the mood with music: Streaming services make finding playlists easy if creating your own is too time-consuming.
  • Catering from restaurants: ordering catering services can alleviate the stress of preparing food yourself. Allowing you to focus on fun details like decor and drinks.

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