How to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

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Are you new to celebrating Cinco de Mayo?

Every year, the 5th of May marks the famous Mexican holiday of a battle fought and won. But very few know enough about the day to determine how to celebrate.

Should you celebrate with a Cinco de Mayo party? What are other ways you can commemorate the day?

Read this guide on the top ways you and your family can have Cinco de Mayo fun.

Learn About the History of Cinco de Mayo

Over hundreds of thousands of Americans celebrate the holiday with fun and activities. Yet, only 10% of them know the history of Cinco de Mayo and what it represents.

There are so many interesting facts about the Battle of Puebla and why the U.S decided to commemorate this battle. Take the time to research what it means to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, and you’ll make the festivities all the more meaningful.

Decorate Your House

There’s no better way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo than surrounding yourself with the beautiful colors of Mexico. Based on the colors of the flag, you can decorate your house with decor that’s red, white, and green.

Fly the Mexican flag, and hang up papel picado on every wall. For a more dramatic look, you can hang string lights for a nighttime ambiance with colorful flowers on every tabletop.

Once that is done, invite everyone over for festive family celebrations.

Throw a Cinco de Mayo Themed Party

Parties are a great way to celebrate this joyous occasion. They bring everyone together with the promise of food, fun, music, and laughter. Make your invitation list and invite your friends, loved ones, co-workers, and neighbors to come and spend quality time together.

The best part of it all is that you don’t even have to cook. There are great restaurants around that you can support that provide catering for any of your events. Let them worry about the Cinco de Mayo food while you dance the night away.

Visit Mexican Cultural Centers

The culture of Mexico is filled with amazing facts about life and the people that shaped it. Take some time to visit some of the Mexican cultural museums and art exhibits.

Museums like the Frida Kahlo Museum and the Museo de Arte Popular showcase some of the most famous pieces of art worldwide, and on occasion, they even have events for local artists that you can go and support for free. It’s a great opportunity to support your local community while celebrating the day in a wholesome manner.

Eat Delicious Food

Food is by no means the only aspect of Cinco de Mayo. BUT, it is an important one. In Mexican culture, food symbolizes togetherness and creates bonds between one another.

With that said, Mexican food is one of the most popular cuisines in the United States. Fan-favorite dishes like quesadillas, fajitas, tacos, nachos, and even steak Asada, are all Mexican-based dishes that people enjoy regularly. Not to mention the delicious Tequila recipes imported straight from Mexico itself.

Set out for the day and enjoy some good food and drinks.

Watch a Parade

Every major city celebrates Cinco de Mayo in different ways. But if you’re visiting the areas of L.A, San Antonio, Denver, and St. Paul, you’re in the best places to enjoy the biggest Cinco de Mayo parades.

Thousands of participants come together to witness the floats, traditional Mexican garments, contests, and music as they parade down the streets. You’ll also find great traditional Mexican markets that sell handcrafted pottery and other items that are true to Mexican heritage.

A great outing for the whole family; research the closest parade by you.

Treat Your Kids to DIY Crafts

Kids can also get in on the fun with DIY crafts and activities at home. They can color in a paper flag or make their own musical maracas.

All you need to make a homemade maraca is rice, plastic eggs, tape, and plastic spoons. Steps to putting it all together include:

  • pouring the rice into the eggs
  • taping the eggs shut
  • taping the spoons to the eggs
  • taping the ends of the spoons together
  • and shaking your brand new maracas

Your kids will love being a part of the festivities with their new instruments, and it keeps them busy long enough to get through tasks for the day.

Take a Spanish Lesson

Looking for more ways to immerse yourself in Mexican culture? Sign up for Spanish language classes. Over 43 million people speak the language in the United States alone.

If you sign up early enough, you can impress everyone with your new skills just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

Play Office Games

Sadly, Cinco de Mayo is not a federal holiday. But you can still celebrate at the office with fun office trivia games.

Test your knowledge on how much you really know about Mexico and its culture with questions and prizes. Then when it’s time to eat, use the best catering restaurant that’ll take care of your office catering needs.

Plan Your Next Cinco de Mayo Party Today

There are various ways you and your loved ones can celebrate Cinco de Mayo in a fun, safe way. Let The Refuge make your Cinco de Mayo event an unforgettable one.

We’ll cater for your party no matter the size, from start to finish. Book your event today.

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