Top 15 Birthday Themes in 2022

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Celebrating another year around the sun? A birthday party is a fantastic time to have some fun, enjoy great food, and show someone special how much you care.

According to one study, birthday parties began as an annual tradition during Ancient Roman times and are still a special way to celebrate today.

If you’re digging for some awesome birthday themes to try, check out this list of the top 15 best of 2022!

1. The Music of Your Life

Do you dig the sound of tunes from days gone by? If so, create a playlist that features all the hit songs from the year you were born. This is a fantastic birthday party theme for music lovers and for anyone who wants to take a trip down memory lane.

2. Go Back in Time with a Roaring 20s Party

Recreate the excitement of the roaring 20s with this popular birthday theme. Rent out a birthday party venue with a private bar and turn it into your own personal “speakeasy.” Extra credit to anyone who shows up in gangster or flapper attire!

3. Escape to Paris

Celebrate your birthday with a fantasy-filled Parisian getaway (at home). Instead of birthday cake, serve fruit-filled crepes and sip on champagne. Dress up in berets and decorate your party space with fun icons from Paris like the Eiffel Tower.

4. A Fresh Take on Sweet 16

Instead of celebrating a loved one’s sweet 16 at home, head to a restaurant with a private room for the birthday party. Enjoy delicious “mocktails” and get delicious catering for your birthday girl or boy. Try a yummy doughnut station instead of a classic cake for a new spin on this special birthday occasion.

5. Host an Artsy Party

Does the VIP love to partake in arts and crafts? Have a fun art-themed party and give every guest their own paints and a canvas or some DIY crafty goodies. Sip on delicious cocktails as you make your unique creations together while you celebrate.

6. Under the Sea

Turn your birthday party venue into an underwater wonderland with fun sea-themed decor. Decorate a cake with mermaid scales or some tropical fish to tie it all together and choose a local place to whip up some food for your party catering needs. Serve beachy cocktails and give everyone a colorful, flowery lei to wear around their necks while you celebrate the big day.

7. It’s Time for a Talent Show!

Parties are always a great time to get to know your guests on an.. ahem.. more intimate level. Host your very own talent show and let each guest “judge” the talent. If you’re feeling really adventurous, find yourself a gong to make the party even more hilarious and exciting.

8. Birthday Themes: Adults-Only Cocktail Party

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail party, amirite? Find a birthday party venue that hosts private cocktail parties and get ready to sip and celebrate. You’ll love having your very own private space to celebrate the occasion along with some delicious adult beverages.

9. Chocolate Overload

If the person of the hour absolutely loves chocolate, you can’t go wrong with these birthday themes. Make everything with chocolate including the drinks and the main meal. Of course, don’t forget to add a few extra, different-flavored food items or some fresh fruit and wine for a nice palate cleanser.

10. It’s Fashion, Sweetie

Hit the runway with a fun, fashion-themed birthday celebration. Create your own custom runway and have each guest dress up with some fun props and random clothing items. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures of your birthday fashion show, too!

11. Groovy, Baby: Woodstock Birthday Party

Hop in the Wayback machine and host a fun retro Woodstock-themed birthday party. Play all of the hits of the era, and ask your guests to dress up in their best hippie attire. Don’t forget to wear some flowers in your hair, too!

12. Aliens Anyone?

If Kourtney Kardashian can host an alien-themed party for her son, then gosh darn it, so can you! Make your next birthday party or family celebration super fun with a cool UFO and alien theme. Try your hand at an alien-shaped pinata or make a cake shaped like a flying saucer for some extraterrestrial fun.

13. It’s All About the Bubble Tea

Bubble tea is taking over by storm, so why not incorporate it into your next party? Serve some homemade bubble tea and give it a “kick” if you’re having an adults-only celebration. Look for everything from tablecloths and napkins to party favors adorned with this adorable and tasty Korean drink.

14. Hey, Hound Dog: Have an Elvis Birthday Party

Elvis Presley is an American icon that continues to stand the test of time. If your birthday guest loves the King, host an awesome party paying homage to him. Play a setlist of all his biggest hit tunes and ask guests to dress up in attire from this popular era.

15. Woodland-Themed Wonder

Transport your party guests to a magical forest with a charming woodland-themed birthday celebration. This is a fabulous theme for kids, but it’s also a hit with the adults, too. Create a tree trunk-shaped cake and decorate the space with live plants, succulents, and lots of wild animal motifs.

Celebrate Your Next Birthday in Style

From aliens and fashion to adult-only cocktail parties, try one of these popular birthday themes for your next celebration. It’s an awesome way to have some fun and show the birthday girl or boy just how much you care.

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