Top 10 Unique Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

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Planning for the best corporate holiday party takes careful consideration. You want to ensure you and your coworkers have a fun celebration, whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s. But what should you do to make sure that your holiday party is a success?

If you’re looking for fun office holiday party ideas, you’re in luck! This article will list our top ten unique corporate holiday party ideas to ensure that your annual holiday event goes off without a hitch. Let’s dive in!

1. Holiday Feasts

From delicious Christmas party appetizers to a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner feast, there’s no denying the excitement that comes with any holiday dinner party. One of the best options for office holiday parties is a classic feast, whether this is celebrated in one of your favorite restaurants or in the event area in your office building.

Not sure what to serve for your fun holiday feast? Some of our favorite seasonal dishes include:

2. Wine Tasting Party

Wine tastings are fun no matter what holiday you’re celebrating, making them a perfect idea for your corporate holiday festivities! If you’re considering exciting events to celebrate the holidays with your coworkers, take a trip to the winery and set up a wine-tasting experience that everyone will enjoy.

Want to make this experience even more fun by giving your employees or coworkers gifts? Wineries are packed with Christmas gift ideas–let people choose their favorite bottle to take as a gift for their hard work!

3. Holiday Potluck Celebration

There’s nothing better than a classic potluck celebration–especially when that celebration is hosted around the holidays. With all of the delicious food we associate with the holiday season, there’s no doubt that a potluck dinner will have plenty of tasty dishes for everyone to try. Potlucks also provide excellent, low-budget Thanksgiving, New Year’s, or Christmas party ideas, making them one of the best options to have a celebration on a budget.

If you’d rather get your potluck dinner catered, we’ve got you covered! Check out our holiday group dining options to figure out the perfect menu for celebrating the holiday season.

4. Ugly Sweater Competition

While this option is more Christmas-specific, you can host something similar for other holiday celebrations! Hosting an ugly sweater competition will get employees thinking about fun Christmas party outfit ideas, leading to many creative, hilarious, and interesting styles! This competition is undeniably one of the most classic ideas for Christmas parties, and for a good reason–it’s the perfect way to get everyone laughing and set the mood for the rest of your enjoyable celebration. What’s not to love?

5. White Elephant Gift-Giving

This option is also typically saved for the Christmas season, but your employees or coworkers will undoubtedly love it no matter the time of year! In this game, everyone brings a present and chooses one of the available gifts. As the game continues, people can decide to open a gift or steal one already opened by someone else. This engaging and lighthearted game will get everyone in the holiday spirit and is the perfect way to make the most of your Christmas office party (or your Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve Party!)

6. Pie Tasting Competition

When you think of Thanksgiving desserts, what comes to mind first? That’s right: pies. One of the best Thanksgiving party ideas you can adopt for other holiday celebrations is having a pie-tasting competition. Workers make their favorite holiday pies in this competition and bring them to work for everyone to try. Whoever is voted as having the best-tasting pie wins a gift for their effort! You can keep this game anonymous by assigning numbers to individuals and the pies they brought.

Don’t stop at the pies, though–you can meet all your holiday catering needs by turning to us at The Refuge! We have plenty of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s dinner ideas to make your party one for the books.

7. Holiday Happy Hour

New Year’s Eve dinner ideas and Thanksgiving dessert festivities are certainly fun, but you can’t forget one of the most important elements of any holiday feast: the drinks! Have you and your employees or coworkers gather at one of your favorite restaurants and have a fun happy hour–or evening! You can make this experience more engaging by having a drink-making lesson where everyone can make a delicious holiday cocktail.

If you want to have your holiday happy hour party on-location in your office’s event space, there’s no need to worry–we’ve got you covered with our catering services to ensure that your holiday festivities are the best they can be.

8. Holiday Movie Night

There’s nothing more nostalgic than a classic holiday movie–so why not celebrate that warm and fuzzy feeling by turning your corporate holiday party into a holiday movie night? While you can go all-out by renting out a theater, you can keep this budget by setting up your event space with an in-house projector. Get some cozy blankets and delicious movie snacks, and queue up the holiday classics for a fun and unforgettable party!

9. Holiday Picnic

You can make your corporate holiday party one of the best family celebrations ever by having a holiday picnic where all workers can bring their families to celebrate the season. You can have everyone bring their favorite holiday meals for a potluck-style celebration or get your favorite foods catered from The Refuge!

10. Holiday Game Night and Snacks

From trivia to bingo and all the way to gingerbread decorating contests, there’s no shortage of holiday-themed games you can play for your office celebration! Make the most of this celebration by getting delicious snacks and small bites. We’ll provide you with some of the best Thanksgiving sides and treats to take your celebration to the next level.

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