The Best Springtime Delights to Savor and Enjoy this Easter

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Welcoming the Easter Period

Are you excited for spring? Because we are. It’s the time for springtime delights and Ester celebrations. The Refuge, voted one of the best restaurants, bars, and lounges, is ready to serve you our famous Easter delicacies that will leave you coming for more.

If you’re wondering how to celebrate the arrival of spring at home, here are some delightful Easter treats and activities to savor and enjoy this Easter.

1. Easter Feasts

Lamb, hot cross buns, ham, and roasted vegetables, such as carrots and asparagus, are the traditional mainstays for easter feats. Hot cross buns symbolize the crucifixion cross, while easter ham represents the resurrection of Jesus. Lamb cake is also a traditional dessert that represents Jesus as the lamb of God. We welcome you to enjoy these culinary traditions and other flavors of the season at The Refuge for Easter celebrations.

2. Seasonal Sweets

During springtime, sweets and desserts complement any meal. During Easter, fresh fruit desserts, strawberries, meringues, and rhubarb should not miss in any Easter dessert table. They complement any meal.

A fruity dessert or do-it-yourself (DIY) flower cupcakes and tangy lemon treats are also great Easter desserts for both adults and children. The sweet tooths in the family will thank you for this. You can shop for authentic seasonal desserts and sweets at local bakeries.

3. Fresh Spring Produce

Spring season brings many delightful produce such as asparagus, tender spinach, peas, and strawberries. The fruits and vegetables are nutrient-rich and delicious, and can be incorporated to your Easter meals to revitalize the body after winter.

To preserve fruits such as herbs and berries, use air-tight containers to keep them fresh. If you want fresh fruits and vegetables, visit and explore the local grocers.

4. Outdoor Activities

Spring weather is perfect for some outdoor fun, and you design great outdoor easter activities to keep children learning, stimulated, and engaged during the holiday. Some good ideas include an easter egg hunt, decorating easter eggs, hosting an easter tea party, and easter coloring. Organize Easter basket craft challenges for children to color in every cute easter design and show off their motor skills and creativity. The reward? How about letting them pick the dessert during dinner at The Refuge?

With some creative tinkering, you can also involve adults in these activities for an enjoyable easter gathering. For example, you can start the Easter Egg Unit, where people print direction signs that help the young find goodies. Even good old picnics and nature walks can be made fun and allow family and friends to bond with nature.

5. Floral Delights

Set the mood for Easter celebrations by decorating your garden and home with in-season Easter flowers. They symbolize renewal and rebirth, brightening churches and homes during this period. Yellow is especially common at Easter because it is linked to happiness, the warmth of spring, and sunshine.

The most unique Easter flowers are lilies, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, irises, roses, primroses, and calla lilies. Each is carefully chosen for its deep symbolism and beauty, adding charm to Easter celebrations.

Embracing Easter and Spring with Joy

You can make this an Easter to remember by spicing things up at home with different springtime delights, as discussed above. You can also bring the cheer outside and enjoy a beautiful dinner at The Refuge with friends and family. We welcome you to savor the season at The Refuge and experience our culinary delights firsthand.

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