13 Halloween Party Ideas for a Scary Good Time

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Looking for a few spooky ideas for an outrageous Halloween party? Well, we have a lot more than a few to share with you today.

Below, you’ll find 13 amazing Halloween party ideas to impress guests of all ages. In case you’re worried, these ideas are neither difficult nor expensive.

There are no complicated recipes, only simple food hacks. And none of these tips involve obscure appliances that only hardcore craft enthusiasts have in their homes.

Plus, these ideas are very creative and you and your family will have a whole lot of fun trying them out. In fact, it’s up to you whether you want to prepare these ideas beforehand or include them as party activities for your guests. So, if your family celebrations/corporate events are a bit too tame lately, give these Halloween party ideas a try.

1. Blood-Splattered Decor

Add a bleeding effect to just about anything using red-colored hot glue or sealing wax. Melt it and drip it on disposable drink cups, tablecloths, decorations, and more.

2. Edible Blood Splatters

You can also add edible blood splatters to just about any food. All you need is red food dye (and one drop of blue), corn syrup, and a little corn starch for thickening. Then, splatter your party desserts liberally.

3. Add Food Coloring

An even lazier way to make Halloween party food is to make regular party food and add dye. Use combinations of black, orange, and green (and for accent, purple).

These colors are great for frosting, rice squares, beverages—you name it. Consider colored ice cubes that bleed into your drinks, too.

4. Add a Strobe Light

A strobe light makes any Halloween party more spooky, lively, and, well, Halloween-y. Make sure it’s dim enough that it doesn’t distract your guests or induce seizures, though. Namely, make sure there’s enough non-strobing light at your party, too.

5. Add Black Lights

Everything we just said about adding a strobe light goes ditto for adding black lights. The exception is that you can never have too many black lights at Halloween parties. Also, make sure you set out plenty of black-light-reactive items.

6. Add Black Paint

Are you low on Halloween decorations and out of time to shop for them? No problem.

Take literally any other decoration and spraypaint it black. Now it’s a Halloween decoration.

7. A Dress Up Station

If you’re like most people, you have approximately one million leftover Halloween costumes sitting in a box in your garage. Why not put them to good use?

Instead of making your guests bring their own costumes, set up a dress-up station at your party. Guests can mix-and-match make-up, masks, temporary hair color, and outfits.

You can even have them bring a few items of their own, like a costume potluck. Then, make a contest out of it with various prizes to hand out.

8. Pumpkin Painting/Carving Contest

Get a bunch of pumpkins, paint, and egg timers ready. Give each guest who wants to compete 5 minutes to decorate a pumpkin. The host judges at the end of the party and awards prizes.


You can do a similar contest with carving supplies and pumpkins that are hollowed out prior to the party. But, for safety’s sake, don’t impose a time limit.

9. Require Masks the Fun Way

If you’re concerned about the spread of covid, here’s a fun way to require masks at your party. Have a large variety of mouth/nose-shielding masks for guests to choose from at the door.

These can be actual covid masks that are decorated for Halloween. Or, you can choose Halloween masks that effectively cover the mouth and nose of the wearer. You can even supply clear face shields and markers and have guests draw funny faces on them.

10. Finger Hot Dogs

To make hot dogs look like fingers, first bake or grill them to darken the outside. Then, slice off a tiny bit where the fingernail would be, on the top edge at one end.

Next, also on the top edge, make 3 slits above and below the middle section to emphasize the “knuckle”. Lastly, cut off the non-fingernail end of the hot dog and place the “finger” on a bun with generous amounts of ketchup.

11. Halloween-y Labels

Get some printable sticker sheets and create your own Halloween-themed beverage labels (Witch’s Brew, Drac-cola, etc.). Get as creative as you want and stick the labels on the existing labels of your party beverages. Just make sure your guests know which beverages are alcoholic.

12. Chalkboard Menu

With this tip, you don’t have to use fancy Halloween recipes and food hacks to add spookiness to the menu. Use chalk and a chalkboard instead.

First, choose any food you want for your party, from backyard barbecue fare to professional catering. Then, come up with a scary name for each food and write it on the chalkboard under the word, “Menu.”

For example, burgers and french fries can be Brain Burgers and French Fried Fingers. You can even come up with names on the spot for potluck dishes.

13. Construction Paper

The easiest kid craft for any holiday is the old construction paper cutout station. Set out several sheets of festively colored construction paper, some kid-safe scissors, and some traceable cutout patterns. And that’s it!

The kids stay occupied for some time and they fill your house with festive decorations. Just make sure they are supervised when cutting.


Try These Halloween Party Ideas

We realize we gave you a lot to work with here, perhaps even too much. So, to make sure you don’t forget these Halloween party ideas, keep this page bookmarked for reference.

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